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Pictures of people I have photographed over the years. Some are famous, most are not. The great majority of these were taken in the 1970's. This gallery will continue to grow...
Santa Barbara Castle, Alicante, SpainNew York City Boy 2 1975Martha Graham 1980Liza Minnelli 1980Dan Kimpel 2 1977Mark Smith 1977 NYCMiguel Sanchez and Jeff Tennyson 1976Jeffrrey Tennyson 3 1976Haitian Woman 1979Benjamin Britten and Peter Pears at Snape 1975Peter Pears, Benjamin Britten, and Queen Mother at The Red HouseBill Smith accompanist at Santa Fe Opera  1974John Crosby 1974Shaun Garrison 3 1975Victor and Evelyn Lear  NYC 1975Mr and Mrs Marcos at TAOS 1977