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I am going back to my beginnings in Photography. I originally took mainly b&w way back in the 1950's. Then in 1974, when I became a charter student at the International Center of Photography, I learned how to develope my own black and white film from Bernard Hoffman. For the next several years I used mainly black and white film and made prints in the darkroom in my studio on 92nd Street. All of those negatives are ready for scanning one day soon. In the meantime, I am re-visiting some of my digital photography and creating black and white images. This is the beginning of that endeavour.
Carson ValleyDeath in Venice Beach BoysGreek Statue Hermes and the Infant Dionysus  1979Diana 1975Delphi, Tholos Temple, Greece  1979St Alphonsus Bell 2 1980Artemision Bronze, Greece, 1979Dancer 2 1979Martha Graham 1980Haircuts 1a 1978HaitiBoy with ClarinetThe Jockey of Artemision, Greece, 1979Felipe Rose, The Village People NYC 1976Summer Swimmers in Lake DistrictMr and Mrs Marcos at TAOS 1977Denia Public Sculpture