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Tony Plake(non-registered)
Just spent another journey here and am now more than ever aware you should publish
Ken Hicks(non-registered)
Vic, there is no question about it... you are an AMAZING photographer! I looked at every photo a couple of times. I thought I was pretty good, but can't hold a candle to you! Thanks for sharing, Cuz!
Denice Moreno(non-registered)
I just love the pictures of the English country side! You take beautiful pictures Victor! XO
Michael Ruddock(non-registered)
Dear Victor PaTrker, My family and I lived on THE DOWN .. from 1961 uuntil997 They wer so many happy years +I am glad that Tim HANCOCK TV AND mICHAEL HAIR ARTISTE ARE STLL GOING please give them my Best wishes I expect they mill remmber alsoJEAN MIKE CHAPILN T the old post office in Combe Road they were dear friendss of our s
Beat wishes and many thanks Mike Ruddock
Nancy Webb(non-registered)
What an absolutely amazing collection. And I haven't seen them all.
Linda Bahne(non-registered)
Love this Vic, you are an amazing photographer.
Jerry Kincaid(non-registered)
Wonderful to see your work again.
Michael Perry(non-registered)
While you were in Spain were you able to take any picture of Jai alai? Check out
TONY PLAKE(non-registered)
What a pleasure to enjoy ! I take my time and come back here often to just relax and invoke the senses.
Awesome .
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