victor parker photography | 1970's NEW YORK CITY
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These are the first images in a gallery that will continue to grow. Most of these images were made in the 1970's when I lived in the upper Westside of Manhattan for 10 years.
Central Park South, NYC 1976Empire State Building, NYC 1978Lower Manhattan and WTC from Brooklyn Heightsblizzard Manhattan "New York" 1978Full Moon over Central Park, NYCChrysler Building over East River, NYCTimes Square, NYC 1973Emmpire State and NY Life  Buildings 1978Central Park, NYC 1975Williamsburg Bridge 1978Brooklyn Bridge 1978World Trade Center, Christopher Clark,1974World Trade Center, North Tower Lobby 1975World Trade Center Winter 1975World Trade Center, NYC 1974World Trade Center, NYC 1977Sculpture, World Trade Center, NYC 1977Central Park, NYC 1978Empire State Building at Bicentennial 1976 NYCLower Manhattan Westside Highway 1978