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t4kimuli: amazing pics:gorgeous im speechless    kampala

tarathralls: Thanks for the slide show - really enjoyed it - going to London in 2 wks, can't wait...suggestions?

"Victor, I will indeed take a look at your web site. Yes, 30 years is a long time. One of my more vivid Bretton Hall memories is of coming over to your apartment to watch some Met opera production or other on PBS. I later became quite a fan of the opera, and when I lived in new York again in the 1990s, I attended the Met regularly. I am in particular a fan of Benjamin Britten and I revel in the fact that I have a connection to Britten - however tangentially - through you however tangentially......Fandrae

Subject: World Trade Center Inside Victor, Thank you so much for the pictures.....I'm sitting here crying and remembering how beautiful it was inside.  I was inside them a lot back in the late 70's and early 80's before I moved to Florida.  I worked for Merrill Lynch and our investment group was inside the black building to the east of the Towers on the plaza.  I spent many, many lunch hours eating in the plaza reading.  I never took any pictures just think they will be there for ever.......little did we know.....I remember how scary it was taking the elevators up 110 stories in something like 35 seconds....and the elevators held 50 people going up to the observator then walking to the windows and "hanging on" to the railing before looking straight down and seeing the street below?  Even though you we inside, it was still very very scary. I love the pictures....thank you so much for the heart is still very heavy....but it was wonderful seeing and remembering ......Marcia

Your photography is exceptional. The one you gave us years ago of Central Park in full fall colors continues to give us pleasure. Our, super who is into photography, always comments on that picture when he comes into our apartment....Robert and Cesare

seriously awesome photos. as usual  scott webb

Hi Victor, I'll tell you what we think of that picture. It is super wonderful...and beautiful. Brings back many memories. You did an excellent job.....but, I can't even hang up all the pictures I have. We counted 350 at the old three story house where we lived five years ago...before we moved here. The walls were covered. I collect Mother and Baby pictures. Anyway, Robert has let me hang some here, but I started out only a few...and then a few more. He does not want the walls covered here. So we aren't buying any new art work. Hey, have you seen the movie: Surviving Picasso...? It was very good...with Anthony Hopkins. Thank you for sending your photos to us, we enjoy seeing them. We think of you soooo often and miss you. Much love, Helen and Robert

I am amazed by the photo - it looks like it goes right up to sky. It's really fabulous. Thanks for sending it! (Pat Donavan)

Hi Victor, I think your photo of the tow towers is spectacular. It should sell very well. Good luck,

Vic, You are a wonderful photographer. This picture is very interesting. I sure hope that you can do something with all your photos----make a bit of money on them.We had a garden photographer come and speak to our Master Gardeners last month. It was pretty amazing to see all the tricks he uses to capture the right light. He even carries a collapsable cloud around with him. He has photos in several popular garden magazines and is now working on a wildflowers of the Northwest book. Nancy   (Webb)

Your teacher was right (John Loengard, Photo editor LIFE Magaazine). That is a lovely picture of a great walnut orchard, filled with mustard. Now you know why we love California!!! ken

My God, what a wonderful picture! I'll save this one for sure, and pass it on to all the rest of my fish eating friends. I do have a medallion that was blessed by the Pope, but of course, I didn't get it in person, and I'm sure that they were blessed in the millions. Thanks again.


Thank you so much for those photographs they are all excellent and I will keep them for posterity and sentimental fondness for Cumbria, where we frequently stopped on the way to the A74/75 Dumfries Road to visit Matthew, out youngest son in Stranraer. How nice it would be if you ever get the chance to go visit him and say I met your Dad in Lake Tahoe, show us the sites.  Henry